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5 More Ways to Act Like a Product Lead (Part 2)
Back by popular demand! In a previous post, I covered five critical skills that every Product Lead should add to their expertise. Here are five more! Write out your product’s strategy and goals Just like hope isn’t a strategy unless you’re Obama in 2008, your product strategy isn’t actually a strategy unless it’s written down. It doesn’t have to be a 100 page thesis with footnotes. But, it does need to be documented somehow -- memo, slides, etc…
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Machine Learning For Executives
Yes, there’s numbers. Yes, there’s computer code. No, you don’t need to know how to update your feature weights. You’re an executive, feature weights don’t matter. Here’s what you do need to know. This is the assumed background knowledge for this article. There’s a big fancy mysterious process, and then it outputs some sort of clever/useful/intelligent results. You incorporate the smart results into your product, and go on your merry way…
Machine Learning
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5 Ways to Act More Like a Product Lead (Part 1)
Great Product Leads aren't born. Great Product Leads acquire their skillset via painful trial-and-error, from working with products, product mentors, managers, and teams in the real world. Learning more, communicating more clearly, finding a better faster path forward are all lifelong learning processes for Product Leads. In this post, I’ve taken some of the effort out of that for you and started a list of my own with 5 critical skills that…
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How To Recognize Production-Quality Software When You Can’t Program
Tap, tap, tap! Your software engineering team is typing away, day after day, week after week. Are you going to have an asset that is marketable quality, competitively updatable, and responsive to changing customer needs? Or are you going to have an archaic behemoth with undesirable, unfixable bad behavior while competing products leave you in the dust? It depends on the quality of your software.
Software Development
Production Quality Software
Code for Non-coders
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Your Machine Learning Software: What You Need To Start
You’ve got an idea. Maybe you noticed some unused data sitting in your log files. Maybe you were inspired by some tech you saw on Maybe your competitors have been busy and you need to upgrade your product to stay competitive. So where do you start?
Machine Learning
Software Project
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