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LeanML as a Philosophy

LeanML is the extension of Lean Startup thinking into the realm of Machine Learning. Many unique challenges face startup teams with ML products, from simulated error testing to software development practices. Drive your next ML project to success: start practicing LeanML today!

Meet Our Team

Emily Jamison

Emily Jamison


Emily Jamison is an enthusiastic supporter of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology produced by startups and other early-stage entities. An ardent believer in the Lean Startup approach to developing ML in environments of extreme uncertainty, she combines tactical team planning with tried-and-true methodology to identify latent customer needs and with the latest bleeding edge research progress. She holds a PhD (German: Dr. rer. nat.) in Computer Science (NLP) and has over 15 years experience in NLP/ML.

Ross Otto

Product Architect

Ross has a wealth of experience building, designing, launching, and managing products. After cutting his teeth launching an international non-profit to help students around the globe, he has lived and breathed big data and ML products for Fortune 500 companies. Ross holds a BBA in Management and Human Resources from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Ross Otto
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